TapTamDrum Dataset


Supplementary Documents

1. Piano-rolls and Audio Files

Go to EXPLORE tab:

Please note, the piano rolls and audios take some time to be loaded in the website. 

If you have any issues, you can access the raw files here as well:


2. The dataset, API and Tutorial Notebooks are at:


a. API at https://github.com/TapTamDrum/dataset/blob/main/API.py

b. Tutorial on using the API:


A pdf version of the API tutorial notebook is also available at


NOTE: make sure you click on “show more pages” if you view the pdf on GitHub.

c. Organized Midi Files of Dualizations are at

https://github.com/TapTamDrum/dataset/tree/main/midi_files (Also, available in the supplementary documents on the submission portal)

You can also Bulk download all supplementary documents/data from the following link (size: Uncompressed: 1.27 GB, Compressed: 754 GB): 
 Link Not Available on Website, Refer to the SupplementaryLinks.pdf in the submission portal